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Frequently Asked Questions

Eyebrow Enhancement

Why Enhance your Brows?
Eyebrows are an important feature, which frame your face and enhance your features.
Permanent eyebrows are a great solution for those with sparse, light, no hair, or those who want to enhance their existing eyebrows. The brows should be designed as symmetrical as possible complimenting your coloring and your face shape.
Embroidery/ Microblading  is great not just for anyone looking to improve or enhance the appearance of their brows, but also for those with fine and gappy brows, and even those suffering from alopecia, as sparse or missing brows can be completely restored. The strokes are more visible when there is high contrast between skin and ink color, and they can last 1-2 years depending on the skin type and color chosen.

What is Microstroke / Embroidery
My eyebrow method is a tattoo done by hand and not machine which are called and known as microblading, mircostroke, embroidery, feather brows or 3-D tattoo brows. This method originated in Far East Asia and is taken from the bamboo tattoo method known as one of the oldest known methods.
This method is the finest form of eyebrow tattooing, using a pen-like device with a disposable instrument attached to scratch, etch and tap very thin lines into the skin. These thin lines flow in the same direction as your own hairs, and create the most natural results. Imagine waking up to perfectly groomed brows everyday without having to worry about filling in, smudging, smearing or disappearing.
When using the hand held instrument, the color is deposited closer to the surface than when a machine is used, leaving very fine and crisp hair strokes with no spilling under the skin so these lines heal thinner and sharper and there is less blurring over time.
With this method I can create almost any look, from a very natural light finish or a beautifully bold brow. Each set of brows I design is be spoke to you and your measurements and the color we choose should compliment you without any makeup but can easily be amped up for an evening out with a little added brow makeup.

How are beautiful eyebrows created?
I will customize the right eyebrow shade and thickness for you using a wide range of high quality hypoallergenic permanent makeup pigments and sterilized needle sizes. Before we begin the procedure, we sit down and work with you to shape your brows with a pencil, allowing us to agree on the best color and shape to fit your face. Microstroking does not require your entire eyebrow to be shaved and does not damage your natural hair. To keep discomfort to a minimum, anesthetic creams are used before and during the procedure. The entire process takes around 2-3 hours and there is no down time. A touch up is required once 6-8 weeks after initial procedure.

How long do they last?
Pigment retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, and sun exposure, use of certain skin products, pigments used, immune system, medications and other factors. Touch ups are recommended once a year to prevent natural fading.

Does it hurt?
I get mix reviews on pain.  You may experience discomfort the first pass, but we will numb you again once the skin is open.  You won't feel much after.


Am I a good candidate for Microblading/Embroidery/Microstroking?

Permanent makeup is NOT recommended for any clients who are or have:

  1. Pregnant or nursing
  2. Diabetic
  3. Undergoing Chemotherapy (consult your doctor)
  4. Viral infections and/or diseases
  5. Epilepsy
  6. A Pacemaker or major heart problems
  7. Had an Organ transplant
  8. Skin irritations or Psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)
  9. Sick (cold, flu, etc.)
  10. Had Botox in the past 2 months
  11. Used Accutane in the past year

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